Creativity, A Buzz! What exactly does it mean?

Creativity plays a significant role in most of the aspects around us, from ideas to products to processes. We subconsciously are a part of a creative process almost every hour of the day.

The thought of choosing our breakfast, our clothes, our route to work, our way of decluttering the house, such everyday thoughts are a part of a creative process which we seldom overlook because it has become the part of the subconscious mind.

While most of us, overlook, it is the conscious and active creative mind which will lead to great creations through every-day observations. Creative thinking is a method of looking at problems or situations from a newfangled perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions. It can be stimulated both by an unstructured process of brainstorming, and by a structured process of lateral thinking. Well, to talk about the lateral thinking part, will be out of the scope of this article. Let us just focus on knowing more on understanding the word Creativity

The serious eye-opener for people with ideas is the gap between how an idea feels in their mind and how it feels when they try to put the idea to work. This is all a Balance between Creativity and Reality. In the continuum of our thoughts, most of the ideas will be irrational and away from reality, hence a person goes through a thoughtful journey from Irrationality to Rationality and Creativity to Reality. Creative thinking is a well-respected skill these days, and, with enough practice, everyone can think more creatively. It’s just that our perception of a creative process is different.

So let me ask this one simple question for all of you,

What do you associate with the word Creativity?

A painter, musician, a designer or an artist….?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, says: “I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.”

This infers that either you might have to adjust with your own box with all the resources you have or you have to come out of the box through a newly invented process, to reach a new destination. Consider you are in boxed situation that you have to allocate your needs, wants and desires with XX amount of money. How will you find a way looking to the caged situation you are in?

The psychology of the subconscious and trained mind says that, when you have fewer resources and time, you’re forced to find novel solutions. This is where the creative thinking happens. Hence, to the above hypothesized condition, our mind will start thinking the differences between needs, wants and desires and ill automatically build an algorithm so that all your needs get fulfilled to give you a way out with fair satisfaction with the help of right choice of resources.

We would term this whole process of thinking and coming with a mental algorithm to solve your problem as Creative process. Therefore, Even if you do not know a solution to a problem, just take the chance and try solving it. By doing so, one would end up doing things ‘n’ number of ways.

Anything that involves an “Aha” moment is considered creative. Let’s understand through an example. Imagine one wants to design a conceptual chair for boutique. Different ideas would pop up on mind owing to the signal of creating something exclusive. Ideas can vary somewhere between creating a woven elliptical chair, which is very unique in its own style Or A reversible chair which can be used for different purposes. The thought of any creation leading to product development, keeps the mind occupied to bring more creativity to reality in the form of an actual product leading to Aha moment.

Summing up, creativity is a vast and multidisciplinary subject born out of  the need to communicate ideas and values, need for novel, varied complex solutions to a problem or process.

But there are certain factors which might interrupt your creativity, wish to know the reason behind it?

Check the next blog.

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