Journey of Self Empowerment: From Fashion to a national Artist

‘Ben Ba’ is what people used to call her. The story evolves to those days of her native Manavadar, a town which is considered to be one of the biggest hubs of cotton in Asia. Manavadar was not only her birth town but she came from a real working class of business family. It’s said that childhood means simplicity which was very much apt for our hero of this story, Mrs. Chaula Doshi, An Artist born with a silver spoon but made her way to her passion by her skills independently.

Chaula was born with creative skills, she at a very early age started exploring different skills on painting, photography and textiles. Along with  her graduation and diploma in fashion designing ,  Chaula was determined to do something with her skills but failed to fight against the odds of the society as that was an industrial era when the importance of creativity was just to fill in the time by lavish families, it was more of a misunderstood concept rather than an accepted one. Nevertheless, it is said that creativity never dies, and so it remained with Chaula.

Chaula decided to put her hands on Fashion, during those times, when Mumbai was just beginning to become a fashion hub. Not many were even able to understand fashion and it was not at all an industry, like it is perceived today. She worked with many fashion fames viz.,,  James Ferrara, Rohit Bal, Sunita, Namrata (Top Designers of Rajshri Production) Sanjay and Rashmi. She also worked with Zee Television productions on fashion, where she got to work with Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Shivangi Kolhapure where she empowered fashion to a corporate career.

Chaula was stepping up in her career and this side her family were planning for her wedding, being an obedient and straightforward kid of her family, Chaula accepted what was coming in with complete grace as she knew that someday she had to think about a wedding. In 1997, she got married to a business family in her community with dreams of flying high, but certainly life isn’t easy most of the times. She faced a lot of struggle with her marriage which was killing her confidence, creativity but her inner strength held her up enough to fight back the situations. To respect the culture of her  in-laws, Chaula had to switch from fashion, but her constant struggles and her son gave her enough to start another journey towards creativity.

With a zeal to play with colors and little knowledge in literature, she started writing poems, clicking photographs and painting her imagination on canvas in different forms. Her creativity was not much appreciated and hence she had to hide in her room and create such masterpieces. After some good years when her son grew up, they were able to realize the potential of her creations and started using email and social media to bring her art on public domain. While revealing this, Chaula always gives this credit to her sons, who she believes are her biggest strength and with God’s grace she is blessed with two pillars of strength which inspire and motivate her to do more.


In between, Chaula shifted to Ahmedabad and started exhibitions of her own creations on canvas and photography. Her humble nature, good networking skills and focus helped her gain a name in the society which she earned all by herself. Today, Chaula is an international art curator who has worked at Kuwait and other countries with a credit of more than 42 exhibitions by her name. Her creations are inspired by mankind , human interaction, psychology, nature, relationships in monochrome and vibrant acrylic color schemes. She is one power pack creative mind who has also been an Art director to some films, with which she truly relates to personally. Some of the most famous creations of hers are the canvas series “Manthan”, “ Struggle for existence”, and “ feminine frames”  which are very popular series that talk about struggle of women and their emotions. Her canvases have also found their places at a lot of respectable political houses, including the office of Mr. Vijay Rupani, the current Chief Minister Of Gujarat and other political laurets. Chaula is also associated with Sabarmati Art Festival organized every year by Ms. Anar Patel, daughter of Ms. Anandi Patel.

Chaula is a true inspiration for women who build themselves through a plethora of personal, social, and internal storms, building a larger and stronger foundation. You can see some of her creations and photography on her page name Artist Chaula Doshi on facebook ( Please like her page and show your admiration to her art.

We wish to see more such people fighting against their odds with flying colors embracing their passion so gracefully. We wish Mrs, Chaula luck in all what she does for the coming times and we thank her for her contribution in the Visual Arts.

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