Top Magazines to refer in Architecture: Architecture is a new Fashion


We live in 21st Century, where we dominate most of our surroundings. From fashionable outfits, stylish hairstyle, theme parties, family structures, space creation to name a few, there have been significant change witnessed with change in time.

High fashion takes inspiration from all sources, from nature to fine art. But perhaps there is no better synergy than that between fashion designers and architects. While high fashion is constructed to give us wearable art, Architecture gives us the spaces we live and work in. Designers who dabble in fashion use their materials as building blocks, constructing a wearable form in the same manner Architects utilize concrete, cement, and glass to build up their structures.

“Everything is designed but few things are designed well”

Architecture not only influence people to think but also gives an insight into the history and soul of the place. It stands as an inspiration stone to many writers, politicians, artists and designers which have their own fascinations and understanding of the architectural creations.

To stay connected with such dazzling world of structures and beautiful artistic sculpture like creations, we curated some top list of magazines which can keep you updated with this world of artistic creations and enable you to customize your own space with more creative ideas and color schemes. (The sequence of this list is not according to the ranking of the magazine and is based on the content of the magazines)

Dwell: Dwell magazine focuses on both function, and comfort, as people show off their own homes and discuss design elements of all kinds. For more information please check this link,

Subscription: 19.95 USD for both printed and digital, 6 copies. 24.95 USD Annually for bundle access.

Architectural Digest: The Architectural Digest covers topics like interior design, celebrity style, and travel, while also recommending shopping sources and other information. For more information please check this link,

Subscription: Printed Copy: INR 1100 Annually & Digital Copy- INR 400 Annually

Architectural Records: Architectural Record Magazine functions as an informative news magazine for architects, and those interested in design. It offers a unique array of news topics and combines the business and art sides of architecture. For more information please check this link,

Subscription: Both Printed and Digital copy at 25 USD Annually

Cultured: Design is a challenge, because there is no end point–you can always push an idea further or resolve a challenge in a different way. This magazine encompasses various articles, events in Art, Design, Architecture. For more information check this,

Subscription: Annual Subscription for print copy is 60 USD. It also has a VIP Subscription of 150 USD,which includes Two-year subscription to Cultured, Limited-Edition Artist-designed T-shirt, Passes to art and design fairs in select cities, Invitations to exclusive Cultured events in select cities, Plus Official Cultured swag throughout the year.

Mondo Arc: Mondo Arc is the expert publication for professional lighting design. It includes high-quality articles and photos that cover a massive variety of projects. For more information check this,

Subscription: Annual Subscription in UK is £30, In Europe is £50 & in Rest of the World is £65

Architectural Review: Architectural Record Magazine functions as an informative news magazine for architects, and those interested in design. It offers a unique array of news topics and combines the business and art sides of architecture. For more information, visit

Subscription: Paper free package: £100, Quarterly subscription of paper free package is £29. Premium package: £160, Quarterly subscription £42

Architect: Originally titled Journal of the American Institute of Architects (Vol. #1 – Issue #1) from January 1944 through 1951, the magazine changed its name to The American Institute of Architects Journal. After publication of the AIA Journal ended in August 1976, then followed Architecture magazine. Once the official magazine of the American Institute of Architects, Architecture magazine was one of the main journals on the subject until it was purchased and closed in 2006 by Hanley-Wood, which replaced the magazine with a new title, Architect. For more details, visit

Subscription: Annual Subscription for both digital and print media for US Residents is $59 USD, for Canada Residents is $69 CSD & For International Residents is 199$. Subscription link

Azure: Azure is a media brand covering architecture and design published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Azure is described as “an indispensable resource for architects, designers and the design-savvy public” on its website. It was founded in 1985 by Nelda Rodger and Sergio Sgaramella. In 2000, it won the Canadian National Magazine Awards’ Magazine of the Year. In 2011, the magazine launched the AZ Awards. In February 2013, deputy editor Catherine Osborne was named the magazine’s editor in chief, with founding editor Nelda Rodger remaining as editorial director for Azure Publishing. For more details, visit

Annual Subscription: Print Media, 8 issues: USD 39.95 (+taxes). Digital Media: 8 issues: USD 25.95 (+taxes). Print + Digital: 8 issues: USD 44.95 (+taxes) 

Metropolis: Metropolis is an architecture and design–focused magazine published ten times per year. It has over 50,000 print subscribers and its website receives approximately 85,000 unique visitors every month. Metropolis is based in New York and has been published since 1981. The magazine focuses on a wide range of topics ranging from hospitality and workplace interior design to urban planning and industrial design. In addition to its regular print issues, Metropolis publishes a wide range of supplements such as the 72-page booklet that accompanied the Frank Lloyd Wright 150th Anniversary edition of July-August 2017. For more details, visit

Annual Subscription: For US Residents – Print Media, 10 issues: USD 32.95. Digital Media: 8 issues: USD 32.99. Print + Digital: 10 issues: USD 37.95.

For Canada Residents: Print Media, 10 issues: CSD 42.95. Digital Media: 10 issues: CSD 32.99. Print + Digital: 10 issues: CSD 52.99. 

For International Residents: Print Media, 10 issues: USD 99.99, Digital Media: 10 issues: CSD 32.99. Print + Digital: 10 issues: USD 109.99. 

In order to keep yourself updated with all the latest trends stop by our page for more!

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