The Avenues to More Business Leads: Part 1


“Make the most of the best and the least of the worst”

In today’s world marketing have played a significant role towards any business. For which business blogging is an essential tool to market a business that helps in channelizing the strategy. If we talk about the business blog than it generally helps business increase the visibility online/offline, create brand awareness, support business growth, marketing strategy options which are put together for you all in this article. Fortunately it’s not that late to get it started. The article is going to help you to make up for the lost time and effective decision making strategy to roll on with such as:

Ground Marketing:

If you want to create magic for your business than before stepping your foot ahead one should try analyzing a cause both from customers and companies point of view.  When it comes to companies then internal knowledge is required in order to care about who are there target audience and what good are you doing to the world. Example: Toms Shoes, they give a free pair of shoes to someone who is in need for every shoe that is purchased by their customers.

Close Range Marketing (CRM)

In order to send promotional messages regarding all the services and products availability usage of wifi or Bluetooth should be made for closer proximity so that it gets reflected on customers’ smartphones and tablets which is called proximity mark.

Relationship/Transnational Marketing

Building upon customer relationship is what many companies focuses on in order to gain customers trust and interest instead of always trying to sell something through transnational methods. Some research have states that one’s your brand is loved more by the customer then they tend to spend more money with your products and services. As many traditional retailers have found this to be true. To meet with the demands of customers, investor’s retailers have to comes up with promotional offers to buy using coupons, discounts, liquidation, marketing and sales event. Though driving sales would be challenging but that would get interested consumers into their stores.

Market Control

Due to more usage and procurement of raw materials it becomes difficult to acquire higher quality of the products. In order to control such activity it’s important to control the availability of product one at a time. The companies may choose to make their products or service accessible to only few customers depending upon their target audience. Example: Rolls-Royce’s during its release of Chinese edition called phantom got sold quite quickly because the cost of the car was higher among most of the cars thus the scarcity drove the price and desire in the mind of customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Customers tends to share with world the brands they love as they find meaning in sharing of their favorite products and services. The passing of information from one person to another through oral communication is considered as word of mouth marketing. It is considered to be one of the oldest ways for selling and purchase purpose. Whereas now in order to market one needs to know more creative and authentic ways the brand represents.

Call Attention Marketing

Web traffic has become an important element for any business to grow. As it defines the amount of data sent and received by visitors on a websites, as this does not include the traffics generated by bots. Call to attention marketing refers to method which helps in converting web traffic into sales leads on websites through graphic, designs and text digitally and binary. Through this conversion strategies can be made and also percentage of online visitors can be improved by studying the data.

Marketing on head

Every business line requires re-creation of their products and services in order to create fresh image of their brand in the mind and heart of consumers globally. There are times where some brand are so much influential that people just can’t help themselves but share it with others by hitting there marketing campaign whenever a new products is created.  Their future purchase. Thus in order to grow awareness of your business its important customers talking about your products and services.

Diversity Marketing

Business Development plan requires a customized marketing plan for different customer segments based on cultural differences, world views, needs and wants, demographics. As depending upon the direction of company and its segments include Horizontal/Vertical diversification, concentric/Corporate diversification

Confidential Marketing

In order to create a great source of buzz sometimes not telling everyone everything is a great source of marketing. For an example a movie teaser when you watch it you get super excited and then on the basis you go to see the movie. So, not showing all the aspects of the movie drivers you as a viewer to want to see more of it. Thus this kind of techniques are quite useful for better marketing.

Mass Marketing

Big businesses spends big money to understand big data, as this gives them an insight to about the buyers potentiality, target customers who buy their products and services. As we know wall mart is considered to be one of an effective mass market retailer. Mass marketing should be done so effectively and efficiently as it gives customers a feeling of locality and warmth. So that the connect is felt and that converts marketing into sales. Major corporations use this technique of mass marketing in order to drive large numbers of purchasing their products or service in order to survive and grow.

Seasonal Marketing

Catering new consumers is where this seasonal marketing concepts is more useful. Companies and brands can come up with seasonal events that can be more relevant in the lives of their customer that’s where the branding portion comes in the picture.

More leads and strategies are coming your way in the next blog piece.

Stay tuned for part 2

Marketing a buzz!

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