An overarching guide to product design development: Part 2

Importance of New Product Development

If you would have noticed that the new product development for top performing companies seems effortless. As the formula for their success is nothing else but the constant spin out of new products. For example, all the apple products they have managed to produce several products a year in a while this is how they are ingraining themselves in the lives of consumers. Though new product development is important one should be giving an equal importance to it. Some key principles are addressed below in form of business v/s design thinking, there should always be a balanced approach for effective solutions.


Further for any product design development one needs to be aware of the process which is involved in making that product more successful. Where the model of stage gate process is the foundation of Cooper’s new product development process with plenty of tractions involved in it.

The steps which are mentioned below are well worth considering as they are quite insightful in a way its lean, scalable, effectivity and adaptability for a development. Steps for the stage gate process are:

  1. Discovery Stage
  2. Idea screening
  3. Building a business effective case
  4. Development stage
  5. Testing and Validation
  6. Study those data
  7. The Launch

“Product development nowadays is considered as new product management, where elements like conceptualization, design, development, and marketing for all products and services”

Keys to product development tips include

lolSo now when you are thinking about creating or developing any featured product then all the designers should answer these questions and statements first in order to have a clear idea of the path one is heading to some of which are:

  • Design briefing
  • What problem is been solved?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who is the going to use your product?
  • A frequency of using that product
  • Proper in-depth market and analytical research
  • Branding and product testing

Answering to this kind of questions would help designers to understand the user experience of a product or services.

Ones you have penned down all this you would come to know what is the problem area so now, in that case, finding a solution to a problem would  have different phases which are to be considered for an ease of problem-solving techniques


Thus, whether you are a designer, developer, product manager or project manager it’s very essential to understand the product design development guide in order to create your best work.

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