Let’s Stay Home


Designing a home or a bedroom with a touch of Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Classic, Contemporary style sounds difficult to you? Then this piece of article is going to help you solve the problems with some added solutions to it. When it comes to decorating styles of architectural and interior design then these styles are considered to be most popular amongst all. The elements like the uniqueness of colors, patterns, furniture, luxury, comfort are all it stands for.

A formal style architectural features fit the best at home by using certain details which can be as listed below:

  • High ceiling with sparkling chandeliers
  • Antiques, Murals, refined frames
  • Shiny gold and metals
  • Artistic Tapestry, Pillows
  • Coordinates of furniture along with matched accessories
  • Polished mirrors and carved woods
  • Imported carpets, Wool or Persian rugs
  • Rich looking lights
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Large Windows
  • Beautifully textured wall
  • Large fireplace
  • Comfortable and adequate space layout
  • Usage of lush looking and durable fabrics
  • Ruffled and Tasseled accessories
  • Symmetrical room with similar size and density
  • Real and artificial plants and flowers in an elegant container

Thus, these are some most distinguishing features when it comes to space designing and home décor. The most interesting part is that all these elements are often arranged in exact pairs on straight axis as the central focus point draws the eye. As the appeal and the visualization, all lies in its simplicity. Surfaces have always held a significant place in space designing and this are some ways which can enrich your homes.

“Every day holds a possibility of a miracle”

Have a great read people and stay connected!

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