Eye on Designs:

‘Don’t just be a designer but be a good one’


The design is part of our everyday lifestyle but what if it’s said that not all design serves the purpose of its making then what thoughts pop in your mind? How’s that possible, right? It will be known ones you read forward in this article.

What is design? The design is something that has to be unique and creative always but it has to have certain meaning for the brand and purpose it been created in order to fulfill the gaps. High learning curves is an element which helps to understand the nitty-gritty towards the design sensitization. It’s said that public is more familiar with bad design than a good design. The reason is there is no clear understanding of the factors between good and bad designs.

Good designs is not only fun but at times it draws important lessons for designers and viewers for the messages it has to deliver as it highlights pitfalls for designers. In real-world design, theories are translated into a solution that works towards usability and suitability. It’s said that good design when it’s done well it becomes invisible so that means when it’s done poorly that’s when we notice it.

Recognizing its function and then redesign it for better visualization, for which it’s important to identify critical factors attached with the designs of that product. As through its primary functioning, the secondary function is been known and then the chances of giving successful designs increases.

Appreciating good design includes certain factors to name a few are listed below which are:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Ease of use
  • Uniqueness’
  • Aesthetics
  • Sustainability
  • Growth
  • Comfortless
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Know your surroundings and your audience
  • Contrasting colors as per industry segmentation
  • Adequate use of typography
  • Importance of blank spaces
  • Valuable and Accessible
  • Findable and Credible

Bad design includes certain factors to name a few are listed below which are:

  • Information overloaded
  • Ignorance of usability
  • Discoverability problems
  • Clarity of message to be delivered
  • Trapped designs with no clarity of understanding of its usability
  • Bad user experience
  • Avoid overuse of animation

Thus, it’s very necessary that all the factors are balanced out in the right proportion in order to create a good design.

“There are 3 responses to a piece of design- Yes, No, WOW! Which one are you?!”



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