Top Global Magazines for Dream Home Making

Have you been in a place where love, hope, and dreams collide?

The answer to the question is in the question itself.

By customizing our spaces according to our preferred preferences and customs. As spaces are meant to design in a way where love, memories, laughter, peace are created and felt. Here, we have a list of magazines for your guidance and from different places around the world. This will make your decision making more concrete and creative.

Indexes of Magazines:

1.Casa Claudia

Casa Claudia is a magazine that inspires and guides the readers in making their homes a more attractive place: comfortable and cozy throughout the different stages of life. Casa Claudia shows inspiring stories and offers practical info for the readers.

2.Carolina Home + Garden

With its focus on Stylish Living in Western North Carolina, each magazine’s issue presents beautiful area homes, enchanting gardens, expert advice, and tips.


Casaviva is one among the top magazine publications in Serbia. The magazine provides inspirational ideas and cutting-edge concepts from the design capitals of the world. It focusses on interior decor and design. It also brings unique design ideas to its readers.

4.Case & Country

Case & Country is a magazine focused on Italian homes and their inimitable Italian touch, telling stories of objects and enterprises, artisans, and products, design, and tradition having an eye for the stylistic evolution and social, the “country spirit” that has always been his strong point

5.Case & Stili

Case & Stili is a magazine for home and garden enthusiasts. Dream homes, practical and functional living solutions, interior design ideas, design items, gardening tips, attention to ecology and technology: Case & Stili is the most complete and content-rich magazine dedicated to your home

6.Coastal Living

With 10 issues published each year, Coastal Living Magazine introduces readers to homes, destinations, activities, and what is a trend in the luxury lifestyle, including the best content when it comes decoration ideas

7.Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

A regional publication devoted to interior design, remodeling of the home and the Colorado lifestyle.

8.D Home

It covers a range of topics including politics, business, food, fashion, luxury and lifestyle in the city of Dallas, D Home Magazine is a monthly magazine covering Dallas-Fort Worth. It is headquartered in Downtown Dallas.

9.Deco Home

Deco Home is a Germany magazine that shows the latest residential materials, exclusive furniture, and the international home trends and design ideas for the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the garden.

10. Habitus

Habitus is a quarterly magazine for and about the design hunters. With homes, products, and people drawn from the rich design landscape of Australasia, South-East Asia, and South Asia, Habitus is a unique celebration of a way of life and an inspirational resource for the design hunter.

The choice is based on specific theme likes, taste of Indian subcontinent on Homes & Editors Choice.

Stay tuned here for more updates.











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