A Guide to Color Psychology and their impacts


Hey everyone, have you ever noticed that colors are always doing something?

Well then let’s go on a color tour which is filled with some interesting takeaways,

The word color has only 5 alphabets in it but its impact on things, creature, styles, and art always hold an upper hand on anything wherever its present, which is everywhere. The language of colors is quite deep and mysterious in nature as it very well said that colors speak louder than words. They elicit different versions such as meaning, warmth and impression from any object presented in their surroundings.

Imagine a situation where you are given 3 different colors to choose for a bag pack (Grey, Pink, and Yellow). Grey color synthesizes solid, conservatism, reliably, Pink and yellow color symbolizes feminine, playful whereas creative respectively. What color would you go for?

There is also an amazing study made on the impact of colors between two well-known companies when it comes to medication. Which are Viagra and Levitra, Viagra came up with a blue pill which became an overnight sensation, whereas Levitra brainstormed in order to figure out how to beat blues, then they found that the blue color was too cool which was equated with being sick? Whereas the goal was to come up with a new color and logo in order to take over the market. The team presented Levitra’s color with an orange which is known for its vibrant and energetic appearance.

According to sources, it’s said that the human eye can see 7,000,000.  Do you think all the colors would be pleasing to your eyes? I Guess it to be no, the reason behind it some colors causes a headache, create an eye irritant or say a work havoc, mood swings with human vision. Whereas, some colors, on the contrary, are quite soothing to the eyes. The process includes a visual, scientific, physical analysis. How about using appropriate use of colors be helpful? It would help increase productivity in an efficient and effective way, minimize fatigue and relaxes whole mind and body.

The inferences of colors may vary in different parts of the world. If talked about historical colors then the end result would a key to the history of the people and the industry with all the specification of colors as per current color systems. For example, some people might prefer to live in simple structures, with all natural raw materials for building simple homes. Here, it can be said that designing philosophy brings style to a modern living of the country’s life.

Before we conclude, I want you all to connect this theory of colors in your own life. I.e. By constantly coloring your picture gray, would lead to bleakness, whereas, try adding some more colors to your picture and then see how your picture brightens and lightens up.

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