The Choices

‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes,

Art is knowing which ones to keep’

                                                                                                    –Scott Adams


Have you been in a situation where your personal accountability is required? I’m pretty sure the answer would certainly be yes! If we look on the other side of the coin then definitely it won’t be an easy task to accept our flaws. So what happens is when you are angry or frustrated all your creativity dies because that ultimately leads to negativity. Though negativity leads to more defensiveness which at the end brainstorms the servers of the mind. Creativity gets more enhanced once it is been questioned at different stages. While one always have more opportunities to choose, which ultimately leads to the betterment of choices.

Creativity is presented in all the segments of industries. It all depends upon how you as an individual look at it. At times the answers are in the question itself, one just need to identify the gap in order to fill it in different ways one possibly can. Creativity without innovation is a system without people.

There are different techniques which can be used such as mind mapping, brainstorming to name some. Say for an example try solving a situation by asking ‘what’ or ‘how’ in order to analysis effectively as that will help you to focus on actions. It’s very necessary to ask the right question at right time with right word of usage, otherwise, it would lead to victim thinking. Stress is a choice, do you buy that? Creativity is always going to be stressful because ones need to be an innovator at it.

For an Example, for some food is their basic needs, for some, it’s just a food whereas for some it might be a wow factor as to how healthy and delicious the food is. The truth is different people have different preferences and thoughts for the same product or situation. Every new challenge often requires a different level of creativity strategized. Though the reality is the bit different like what is working now might not work in future, but that should not stop you now for creating your best. In the end, creativity is about handling change with the finest stroke where the essence of it is felt, so if you are facing it then that’s the signal towards growth and empowerment.

Hence creativity is about connecting the leftover dots, with that thought signing off.

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