Biolite Headlamp


BioLite Headlamp is considered to be Kickstarter most backed project. Biolite is an innovator with an off-grid solution. The headlamp delivers top-tier functionality with all unparalleled fit due to its 3D slim fit construction. Rethinking an outdated wearable element is what they highly believe. Biolite headlamp product mainly focuses on 3 fit dimensions as they claim that includes flush front lighting, balancing made better, smart fabric.

Whereas looking on the other side of the coin we as a creative design company have different take ways about the product. We actually liked the concept but we feel that many more things can be part of it looking at other similar products which available in the market such as:

  • They do not have a warm light option in their flush front lightening the benefit of using warm light would help the user to keep themselves protected from insects
  • Warm led lights are easy to use during night time as they do not irritate the eyes like white and the red light does
  • The intensity of current headlamp is not that stronger when the user needs to look beyond their surrounded environment
  • Neither do they have any adjustment for an intensity of lights where the user can increase or decrease the brightness of lights depending on their requirements
  • They have uni-direction option in this headlamp whereas multiple direction options are more feasible for effective use
  • The direction of light varies up to 80 degrees but it can be up to 180 degrees in the order it has a broader perspective view
  • Users who have spectacles for them to fit this headlamp would not be that convenient
  • The user interface is a bit tricky when in use of operations in order to locate certain dimensions while wearing
  • Also, someone wearing spectacles would get a reflection from the light on their lens
  • Adjustable lens is not part of this product
  • Balancing becomes a question due to its single head belt, the user fails to get a concrete support
  • Imagine the user is adequately sweating then there is the high chance of irritation and headlamp slipping down
  • There should be the Bluetooth connection, GPS navigation, smartwatches
  • Application connection and control through smartphones should be present for ease of use.








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